In the last three and a half years if you have seen TMO perform, listened to our music, or been in touch with our account, you will have likely in some capacity experienced the force that is Chandler McMurray-Ives.  Coming on four years ago, we wrote Chandler an email from an internet cafe somewhere in Berlin.  We said, “We love you, we think you are awesome, will you be our manager?”  She wrote (not verbatim), “Are you crazy…and Yes!”  With relatively no managerial experience, but serious charisma and  a knack for throwing perfect events, we engaged in a nearly 4 year long working relationship and friendship that has seen the band grow in the most incredible and unimaginable ways.  We all learned so much together these last years.  To a great degree, we learned patience, understanding, and trust for one another.  We have loved each other, hurt each other but more than that we have grown together beyond any guess any of us could have made.  Chandler has truly put her entire everything into the workings of this group and will for many reasons be apart of the continuing growth and success of TMO.   But for now, she is saying goodbye to TMO for both personal and professional reasons.

Chandler is an artist, a romantic, a mover, a friend but most importantly a catalyst for art to be experienced.  Chandler runs a not for profit arts society called Ambiguous Arts Festivals Society ( ).  From the website :

“Since 2004, Ambiguous Arts Festivals Society has stood for maintaining artistic integrity, passion and innovation, and showcasing up and coming artists and performers alongside the established.”

It is in this context that TMO truly got to experience Victoria as its home town and place of community in those formative years.  We will truly miss you, Chandler, and wish nothing but the best for you in your new endeavours and have no doubt that your life will continue to blossom and enrich the lives of everyone you touch.