Where to even start, friends.

This has been, without a doubt, THE MOST challenging year to date for Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra. We have, yes, toured now every summer for 3-4 months and normally 5-8 months a year all over North America or Europe for the past 5 years. We have produced in that time 4 recordings, of which we are collectively most proud of our most recent recording, Follow my Lead, Lead me to Follow. We have sacrificed personal time, relationships, opportunities, education and even personal health to do what it is we love so much in our hearts. But this, friends, has been the toughest year on record.

Spending most of last year and a good part of 2011 putting the pieces in place to be able to logistically and financially make the record of our dreams, we finally…after nearly one full year completed the production and manufacturing of Follow my Lead, Lead me to Follow. What might be the sentiments of a finished record that we had been dreaming of for so many years; pride, honour, love, joy, sadness (that the process is complete), acceptance.

My number one feeling; relief.

We finally did it, the record exists, and at this point it was all I could have asked for. We put everything into this beast…and asked everything from every person involved; from the $1 – $1000 donations on Indiegogo, through Chandler our former manager, right up to David Travers-Smith who produced the record. Relief that our hard work can now just…exist, be enjoyed and not be dwelled upon evermore as a ‘work-in-progress’ or a hope but an entity that is living and breathing within the world of music.

A joy, I would then say, in that regard and pride in knowing that we finished what we started.

Happy holidays, see you all so soon!