Current Lineup

Big things in the future for this amazing band from the west coast of Canada who look and play like they are from deep Europe but sound like they were raised by Bill Monroe.

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Mack Jonsson - by Geo Anomaleyephoto: Geo Anomaleye

Mack Shields  

Keith Rodger - by Caitlind R.C. Brown

photo: Caitlind R.C. Brown

Keith Rodger


Former Members

Peter Mynett: played with TMO from 2007-2013 and he has actively been playing in bands for the last fifteen years.  He has played electric bass for twenty years and the upright for ten. He also plays piano and guitar.  Peter has been studying independently for twenty years, teaching privately for ten and facilitating workshops since 2008.  He has studied music at UVic and has his diploma in jazz studies from Capilano University.  Peter freelances as a recording and live sound technician, and has an active interest in production and sound design.  Growing up in Vancouver and recently lived in the Kootenays, he currently resides in Vancouver attending Capilano college and occasionally enjoys creative sabbaticals on the Gulf Islands.  In addition to coffee and bikes, he enjoys food and nature. Sometimes Peter gets blinded by all the amazing things in the world he’d like to learn about.

Patrick M’Gonigle: played with TMO from 2007-2012.  Currently attending Berkeley School of Music, this Victoria BC native began training in classical violin at the age of 6, and picked up the mandolin prior to Berkeley in 2009. His passion for mandolin quickly grew, as did an ever developing love of Bluegrass and Old Time. Over the past 3 years, Patrick has moved further into song writing, and can rarely…if ever…be seen not strumming his mandolin, or without both instruments in hand on route to a jam or show. Patrick M’Gonigle can be found performing with various bands across Canada and The US.

Jacques Mindreau:  Played with TMO on 3 different tours during 2012-2013.  Jacques fits right in.  He has an undeniable passion for music, and brings constant positivity to the experience of both performing, rehearsing and touring.  Mr. Mindreau plays multiple styles, speaks many languages, and has been a great addition to the band since the Fall of 2012.  Jacques’ other projects include Beautiful Wild Animals and Krasnagorsk.

photo: Kayla Conley