For the first time in 5 years, this September, TMO’s lineup of musicians has changed.  Patrick M’Gonigle, long time friend and fiddler for Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra is moving on.  It is really amazing to think that 5 years have already gone by, and to think about so many shared experiences we have all had together.  It feels like we were just pups when we went to Europe (if you look at pictures of us from that trip, you will see what I speak of), and just like that more than 4 years pass us by.  This parting is an understanding that things always change, and rarely if ever stay the same…though perhaps we want them to.  It is a realization that people have different needs, different desires, and go in different directions (be it musically, spiritually, or geographically).   But most importantly it is the recognition that through these changes, life goes on and it will for all of us.  Patrick M’Gonigle is a highly talented musician and is deeply ensconced in the Boston acoustic music scene, but tells me he is yet to see the BoSox play.

So, Patrick, we love you, we wish you the best for you, and hope you always find what you are looking for.



As a result of this newfound space within TMO, we have had the pleasure of touring with Mr. Jacques Mindreau of both Krasnagorsk and Beautiful Wild Animals.  Touring with Jacques in Eastern Canada and the Northeast United States of America this past October and November was an incredible delight.  His playing is filled with passion, and he has a sense of humour that fits right in with the rest of us.  For our January portion of tour, Jacques is back home in Peru for the first time in many years visiting family and friends and will rejoin TMO in early February for the remainder of tour.

 Photo of Jacques Mindreau by Kayla Conoley


And so, who will be fiddling with TMO in January?  The one and only Mack Jonsson of former Victoria, BC Ain’t Dead Yet fame.  Mack is currently playing with alt-rock group, The Wicks, but is also working relentlessly at being funny with comedy duo, The Hicks.  Mack has a great ear, and a great spirit, and we look forward very much to playing with him and getting to know him this January.


Photo of Mack Jonsson by owlblake