I first met Peter in Victoria’s Beacon Hill Park in the fall of 2007.  I was sure when I met him that I was out of a guitar playing job.  When TMO was in its infancy, Peter was the first person to ask the question, “What does the arrangement for this song look like?”  To which we all would blankly stare, and tell him that ‘these are the chords’.  It spoke a lot, even in those early days, to Peter’s musical maturity and his ability to see our music in the big picture.  Throughout the 6 years of writing, recording and touring with him, I learned a lot of those big picture types of ideas with him and saw his experience as a musician as so different from mine that there was so much to learn from one another.  And we did.  With Peter we really learned how to listen both musically and emotionally.  Peter was regularly the guy who, right before a big performance, would ask us all to take a minute and really consider all the people and circumstances that got us to where we are in that moment.  He would push us to make sound decisions in terms of our business and never hesitated to take on a task that he may or may not have any idea how to accomplish, and figure it out, because he can.  He also learned how to play upright bass over the course of a few months so when fall of 2007 came around he could join TMO!Peter-SML

But all good things eventually come to an end and it is with a multitude feelings we say goodbye to Peter and his involvement in TMO.  Life often takes turns and we are obligated to follow, and as a friend to Peter I couldn’t’ be more proud of where he is at musically, emotionally and spiritually.  He gave 6 years of his life to this project and we are forever grateful for all of his time, energy and ideas.  You will be missed, my friend, but we know where this road leads you, it will be full of joy and success.

Lots of Love



Below from Peter

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank everyone who supported TMO…all the people who invited us into their homes, everyone who dragged their friends out to our shows, all the people who co-created my life on the road, all the musicians who became friends who became family who are becoming my life long friends and community…you not only made it possible, you are the reason….Music, Food, Family and Friends!  Highlights include: the early years in Victoria, the busking through Europe, Artswells, the Kootenays, 2012 and the making of FML, and so so much more.  From the bottom of my heart – Thank You.