On the Road Again

Being Brief. Tour, starts Thursday. Rehearsals ongoing. Check our website for tour dates and our Facebook for updates Love you all. Xo

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CKUA Live Concert Recording

Last November during the Canadian Folk Music Awards, CKUA did a live recording of our show at the Mercury Room in Edmonton and they will be playing part of the set live on at 8pm Mountain time Friday January 8th!   Tune in!

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End of Western Tour, Winter Break, Thank you

With so much back log…back blog??….I wish we would keep on this website update thing more often.  But between, travels, everyday life, all of the various social medias, my desire to be on computers less and the fact that I can’t just telepathically send words to…

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Pre-Order Love on Vinyl!

Due to so many delays in the vinyl manufacturing industry, it is a shame that we were not able to sell these at our shows. However, we are assured that we will have the product in hand in the first week or so of December….

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Thank you for making part one of ‘LOVE’ tour a success.

Just thank you. We don’t have words to describe just how much you all mean to us. Every venue, festival, show and human was simply astounding. We are back on the road in November, but until then, just know we love you!   -TMO.

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Quick Update from the Road

Week three of tour and life is peachy! The new tunes have been well received and the band is loving all these BC shows! We played the brand new Music Hall in Ladysmith last night and tonight we are off to the Waverly in Cumberland….

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